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​First Chicken Bar

in Las Vegas

Asajime Chicken ​

100% organic from LA farms shipped

everyday and taken care of in the morning.

The chicken are raised until six months

old unlike other chickens who are only

raised for one month.

Chicken's Trivia  


        Yagen Cartilage: 

                There’s only one in whole chicken between brest.  

                 We serve four in a per skewer

          Paitan Broth

                The uniqueness of Chicken Paitan is made from chicken bones boiled at a

                 high temperture and at longer intervals, which results in a while and rich                    creamy soup

          DORI (Lung)

                 Japanese people had believed it’s poison to eat. They said (( Eatchicken                     but no lung)) However, there’s no poison and has a lot of nutrition.

                  Why  poison? Because it’s a natural of Viagra. We don’t recommend to                       have more than two skewers.


                  In French, this part of the bird is called sot-l’y-laisse which translates,                         roughly, to “the fool leaves it there” as unskilled carvers sometimes                             accidentally leave it on the skeleton. Most flavorful and tender part of the                   chicken. Only two can take from whole chicken.


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The owner chef, Mitsuo Endo, was born in Tokyo in 1971. He became an apprentice chef in 1988 and learned Kaiseki: Japanese traditional course style cuisine, at prestigious kaiseki restaurants in Tokyo. When he was thirty, he decided to move to the United States to make his dream come true. The first restaurant he opened as a head chef was in Seattle in 2001. Next year, he put himself in more challenging city, New York. In 2002, Endo met his mentor Koji Imai who taught him the quintessence of food and he joined for opening MEGU Tribeca and Midtown as an executive chef. In 2007, he moved to Las Vegas to seek new challenge and opened EN as a head chef. In 2008, he opened his own restaurant “Aburiya Raku”.

As "Raku Toridokoro" means "Chicken Bar", we would like you to enjoy our authentic Japanese food. Our goal is to see your smile!

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Commitments to Quality



Our charcoal, oak “binchotan” is directly imported from Japan. Binchotan burns at higher temperature and contains less moisture compared to other charcoal, which helps cook ingredients with crisp finish. Binchotan emits substantial far-infrared rays to cook ingredients thoroughly without burning them. Active carbon created by far-infrared rays brings out full flavor of the ingredients. We offer these grilled delicacies to our guests.


Our condiments are all imported from Japan. When it comes to soy sauce, we have 5 different kinds to separate the uses depending on the ingredients. The table soy sauce for the guests is home-blends of them. For the salt, there are 3 different kinds. Our salt is based on the sun-dried natural sea salt made by classic Shiota style, where calcium of shell fossil from Hokkaido is added. We blend this salt with powder of konbu seaweed, dried shiitake and maccha green tea. For the sugar, there are 4 kinds. Especially “Wasanbon” which is famous for the finest sugar has mild and well-rounded taste of sweetness.  In addition, we use Kanzuri :chili paste from Niigata, 3 year aged mirin and akazake: sweet cooking rice wine, dried bonito shavings from Tosa, Rausu-grown Konbu seaweed for broth from Hokkaido, Ko-re-gu-su: chili with island pepper from Okinawa. We have many unique and special condiments to match each ingredient.

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